Accounts & Bookkeeping

We offer three basic types of bookkeeping support services.  They are:


  1. a complete managed service with fixed deliverables and a fixed fee including all tax lodgements,

  2. a bookkeeper resource for you to instruct & manage and charged out at hourly rates, or

  3. we can simply review the output of your own bookkeeper, make corrections and draft any tax lodgements.


Some more detail on each option, risks and benefits are outlines below.

Managed Bookkeeper​


This is a managed service approach.  


We meet with you identify your business needs and tax obligations.  Then using our experience we design &  tailor a simple, efficicient & repeatable process to meet those goals.    


We allocate & manage staff to your acccount. We  review their progress & performance  & the final reports, lodgements & deliverables.


We can provide a fixed monthly fee (if preferred)


Key Points:

  • we manage staff & deliverables

  • at your premises or ours

  • on your computer or ours

  • on your software or ours

  • choose fixed fee or per hour

Hourly (DIY) Bookkeeper


This is a self managed service with support.  


We  allocate a bookkeeper to you and you organise the timing of the work schedule. The bookkeeper  then works at your premises under your instruction and guidance and on your system, using your software & processes to complete requested tasks.


Should you need any assistance managing the bookkeeper or other accounting advice or tax lodgement assistance we are ready and happy to help as required


Key Points:

  • you manage the bookkeeper

  • you manage the tasks & outcomes

  • at your premises, computer &  software 

  • pay by the hour (min booking)

  • access extra services and support as required.


Review only & draft BAS


You prepare your own accounting books & records typically either yourself or with your own family, staff or bookkeeper.


Periodically as required, you email us the  file and we will review the bookkeeping entries, for GST and tax matters, identify and advise any errors, tax adjustments and draft tax lodgements due.


You only pay for the time required to review, adjustments or draft tax lodgements


Key Points:

  • you prepare your own accounts

  • we only review your entries

  • you can access extra services and support as required.


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Your Choice in Accounting Software


We are professional partners of the most common accounting software providers including MYOB,  Xero & Quickbooks. 


As a softweare partner, we can prepare your accounts on the system & set-up of your choice.  We can manage it remotely on your own internal server or give you access to ours.  We can even manage & price a discounted cloud based solutions.


Call to discuss your options.