CFO Project Services

We contract directly to clients to help them succeed in their financial projects.   Services can include the full scoping,  documentation and execution of a project, or just filling resource gaps in an existing project.

Common financial projects include;

  • improving financial or management reporting processes or templates,

  • solving a tax or financial statements disclosure problem

  • developing annual budgets, kpi's and management performance targets,

  • cost & overhead reduction programs,

  • targeting business process improvements,

  • review business model, product and/or contract pricing

  • cash-flow managements and forecasting

Projects are wide and varied in topic and duration, as required to support the CEO & CFO  to explore, quantify and solve the underlying business issues. 


Typically project goals are to improve management information, timing & reliability.  Reduced the time spent in completing current processes,  and to reduce existing costs and free process bottlenecks.