Business Process Assist 

As well as standard bookkeeping services, we can assist in-part or by completely oursourcing any of your back-office functions like payroll processing & HR records, sales invoicing & debtors collection, supplier management, purchase order approval and even send an EFT of approved staff or supplier payments directly into your bank.   


We will use our business template and tailor an efficient process that fits nicely to your business needs.  Because this what we specialise in, we will do it  more efficeintly & better than someone who does not have our depth of experience.  We can also offer a fixed fee arragement to give your cash-flow certainly as well as worry free tax compliance.  We are confident that our fixed fee will be cheaper than what you currently spend, & we will do a better job as well!

Payroll Outsourcing & HR Files


Put simply we can run your payroll for you.  All of it;  part of it; whatever you need.  You provide us the initial employee details and we will set-up your standard payroll and associated reporting.   Then based upon your updates (such as new hires, terminations or timesheets) and payroll frequency, we will run your regular payroll and distribute reports.  We provide you a simple payroll summary, detailing net pays, super and withholding tax due dates. We also post and reconcile all entries to your accounts ledger.  We will email pay-slips directly to your employees and complete all IAS lodgements, year-end group certificates, group tax, payroll tax and workers compensation reconciliations & lodgements.  We can even prepare the net EFT payments to staff , tax due to the ATO,  and the various staff super payment obligations.  

Suppliers, PO approvals & Payments


We can streamline your management of supplier purchases, approval and payments and eliminate your paperwork. Where possible we willfirst rationalise payments & implement all suppliers to a standard payment terms basis. Setting these standard terms & delivering to them is usually half the battle won.   We typically set up a simple purchase order approval process using a blind email address, so that payments can only be only processed and paid once approved.  Finally based upon standard instructions, and cash flow forecasts a payment proposal is generated. Once approved the EFT file  can be uploaded to your bank for your online release of funds.

EFT Payments for wages & suppliers


We typically work with you to implement a simple and efficient payment cycle(typically monthly) with all your suppliers.  We propritise payments based upon your instructions, then prepare a payment proposal from approved invoices and finally compare agains a cashflow forecast.  Where funds are available for the proposed payment  we generate an EFT file & uploaded it directly to your bank awaiting your online access & approval to release of funds.  If insuffience fiunds we will advise you of the funding issue and split the payment proposal as per your instructions or prioritisations.


Sales Invoicing & Debtors Collection


Depending on the nature of your sales,   we agree a process to record and issue your sales invoices promptly to your clients on your invoice format letterhead.  We will also schedule a regular bank reconcilation to ensure we promptly identify those invoices paid & outstanding.  We will then follow up those overdue invoices and record promised payment dates and promptly report any isses raised.  Faster identification of problems always results in better outcomes & improved cash-flows.


Company Secretary & Resident Director Services


We can give your business choices on bookkeepering, payroll and process support.We can provide a bookkeeper at your premises or ours.   You can request a once only catch up service or schedule a regular service each week,  month,  quarter or yearly as your transaction volumes require.


If you wish to have us work from our premises (as many clients do) then we simply arrange a process to make the data available for us.  Typically this includes providing a view only (accountants) online access to your business bank account,  plus forwarding of email invoices & supplier payments to a designated email account and a postal envelope for any remaining items.


We will prepare and return to you a completed file containing any tax, BAS or IAS lodgements due plus your Balance Sheet and P&L package, along with any original documents. This file will form the basis for easily supporting any future tax audits or queries.

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