Tax Returns - Our Fees

Our fees are based upon the time taken & any costs incurred.  The fee will depend on the complexity of your tax affairs, advice, investments etc, and access to supporting information if required.  


Our charge-out rates / hour (including GST) are as follows:


  • $275 for Partner/Tax Agent & lodgements

  • $143 for qualified accountant 

  • $  50 for experienced bookkeeper


I personally manage your engagement and directly prepare or review all lodgement & returns before any drafts are sent.   If you have any issue or need to clarify any matter you can call me direct my mobile directly (0402665544) any business hour.  I will answer or return your calls promptly.



Tax Return fee for Individual returns


As a guide, for most individuals tax returns with standard employment income and a few work related deductions  we use a base (fixed) tax preparation & lodgement fee from $225  for email based tax lodgements, and $275  if you require to come in to our office for an appointment to discuss your affairs.  


Obviously the time and therefore fee will be higher if you have other investment income, share trading, capital gains or rental property income or need other tax planning advice.  Each additional tax schedule or investment in the tax return typically adds $110 to the base fee.    So for example, an employee with a rental property is the $225 base fee plus $110 for the rental property schedule.  $335  total.


If significant additional time from our standard base fee  is required  because of your investments, share trading, rental properties or other schedules for deductions etc,   then we will advise before proceeding.


Periodically we offer special discounts to our standard fee for famaily or colleague referrrals, so ask about any discounts available.


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