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Taxation Services for Individuals

As your tax agent, we are able to manage your tax affairs and lodgements.   Its fast & simple, and usually for a for a fixed fee.  You can come in for an appointment,  or give us your information via email or over phone.

Individual / Employee tax returns completed fast (typically 3 days) and start from $165.

Our tax service is by an experienced chartered accountant & tax agent


Benefits of using our Service include:


We will will check your information,  reconcile against the ATO records, draft your tax return & discuss with you, and with your approval lodge your return with the ATO.   We will ensure that you benefit as follows:


  1. always same contact - the business owner

  2. your tax return correct & on-time by experienced CA.

  3. understand your cash flow implications

  4. maximise your tax refund, 

  5. claim maximum deductions allowed

  6. your data reconciled against ATO systems

  7. we explain any ATO correspondence

  8. we explain tax implication of investments or capital gains

  9. we can provide other tax advice or compliance as required


Best of all your tax agent fee is fully tax deductible on your next tax return.

See our detailed fees page here.


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