We are a small specialist chartered accounting firm that specialize in providing a variety of project based CFO solutions as well as traditional accounting and taxation services to our regular clients.

CFO Project Solutions

Project Based CFO Services.   


We contract directly to clients to help them succeed in their financial projects.   Services  include the full scoping,  documentation and execution of a project, or filling resource gaps in an existing project.

Common financial projects include;

  • improving financial or management reporting processes or building reporting templates,

  • extra (experienced) finance hands for an upcoming business acquisition, merger or sale.

  • solving a tax or financial statements disclosure problem

  • developing annual budgets, kpi's and agreeing management base and performance targets,

  • cost & overhead reduction programs,

  • targeting business process improvements,

  • review business model, product and/or contract pricing

  • cash-flow managements and forecasting

Projects are wide and varied in topic and duration, as required to support the CEO & CFO  to explore, quantify and solve the underlying business issues. 


Typically project goals are to improve management information, reduced existing costs and free bottlenecks.


CFO Accounting Services


Traditional Accounting and Tax Services   

As a chartered accountant and  tax agent,  we also provide traditional accounting and taxation advice, lodgements and compliance services  at affordable prices.  We can outsource your whole process or just the bits you need help with. 


We typically agree & schedule regular services each week, month or quarter as required by the business:

Services typically include a mix of​

  • tax advice, lodgements & compliance

  • design of templates  or preparation of regular financial statements for reporting for shareholders, banks, ASX or ASIC

  • resident director services (for overseas companies)

  • ASIC, ASX and co-secretary compliance

  • preparation of board papers and reports

  • shareholder communications

  • accounting, bookkeeping and payroll processing

  • Outsourced Payroll Services

  • Outsourced Accounts Payable & Payments

  • Outsourced Accounts receivable and collection processes


We provide a service mix tailored to meet your individual needs.


We can provide (discounted) fixed price services for ongoing contracted monthly, quarterly or annual services or apply our simple hourly rate structure for the  adhoc services requested.  

We are seeking to grow our client base & I would love to have you as a new client.  We offer you the best of service & support at very competitive prices.  Call and you will be impressed with what we can do for you.